Monday, 14 March 2011

D'Angelo gets arrested for picking up a hooker....

/\/\/\/\GOSSIP/\/\/\/\ the mighty (and hot) have fallen...

Last week, D'Angelo was scouting Greenwich in the States looking for a hooker, when he found one he liked....too bad the hooker turned out to be a fake....oops!

D'Angelo was arrested at around 2:30am after inquiring about a blowjob from an undercover police officer.

After negotiating a respectable $40, the Fake Hooker Bitch slapped the cuffs on D'Angelo. A search of his Range Rover turned up $12,000.00 in cash. I guess he was lookin a LOT of hooker links that night :/

In court yesterday, D'Angleo pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct in New York today, which is a violation, not a crime. Having already satisfied conditions the prosecutor declined to specify, D'Angelo was free to go.
With his freedom....and a lot less dignity :)

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