Monday, 17 May 2010

Jessica Rabbit's News & Views

Hey Guys and Gals,

I be back....I'd love to say i have been busy sunning myself on the shores of St Tropez, but, well, that would be a big fat lie. I have been working my shapely ass off doing all sorts of interesting and not-so-interestings things, mostly work related, but hey a girl's gota have fun too!

Anyway....onto what's really important eh! NEWS AND VIEWS of the Urban Fashion world....


My Fash Harem.....

How HOT are printed harems right now? This cute pair is good old Toppers but just about everywhere worth it's fashion mustard is jumping on this trend.

Check out one of the modern day fashion icons...Chloe Sevigny wearing a leopard print pair.
American apparel have their traditional aztec print in harems now also.
A step further to that and perrrfect for summer is the harem shorts! Again, Toppers is leading the way with some gorgeous sporty version, beaut with a pair of gladiator sandals for trendy cas or a pair of huge heel wedges for clubbing.


The Launch of H&M's 'Fashion Against Aids' Festival Range launches this Thursday on 20th May in the UK. It looks A-MAZING!

Here's a few pics to give you a taste....the denim dress is miiiine! Katy Perry has already been spotted in it....don't you wish you were a celeb and could everything for FREE before it even comes out?!

The coral coloured leopard print dress is another nice piece and a percentage of the proceeds will go to charity....even more of a reason to purchase (as if you ever needed one).

Game, Set, Match made in Heaven

Common has let slip that he and his tennis ace girlfriend, Serena Williams are headed down the aisle in the not too distant future….
After 2 years of dating, Common Sense was recently quoted on the Ellen Show in the US saying: “I definitely want to get married, and I’d love to have kids. Let’s just say, Serena and I want the same things, and soon”
From Erykah B to Serena….quite a change huh?! (Beauty to the beast? Harsh but realistic people....just look at the pic!!!!)

Suge takes it from the Streets to the Courts?
In 2005 on a night out, Suge Knight, founder of Death Row Records was shot in his leg and to this day, the Police still don’t know who did it….what a shocker. Even though the VIP party hosted by Kanye West was filled with almost 2000 people including celebs like Jessica Alba (hottie), the BEP and Paris Hilton….no one saw a thing! WOW! Anyways, Suge (aka the bald guy who caused a whole heap a shiz between East & West coast rappers) is now claiming around $1 Mill in damages from ‘Ye, he says that the Rap Star failed to provide adequate security thus allowing him to be shot….stay tuned to see the outcome!

/\/\/\/\/\MUSIC/\/\/\/\/\'s amazing, and best of all, FREE!

Teedra Moses (Quelle surprise!) is this month's recommendation. If you don't have it yet, shame on you! Her new mixtape: Royal Patience is OUT NOW on her website to download for freeeeeee!

Go to and get it quick!
Personal faves of mine are: 'Oh Love', 'Kisses Never Taste So Sweet' & 'All That I Have'......LYRICS for days! Great to wind down to, sing along to or make babies to :-) Enjoy!



Ok so we've all seen 'Step Up' and 'Save The Last Dance' the cheesy American dance films so i guess I was expecting the same theme with this UK version. However, I was pleasantly surpirsed! Yes, it's still cheesetastic in some parts and yes, some of the acting leaves a lot to be desired but what saves this film and makes it so good is the DANCE TALENT...featuring the likes of Flawless and Diversity plus various well known London Street Dancers / B Boys and Girls / Krumpers it showcases the UK Scene brilliantly. you HAVE to watch it in 3D, the effect of the dancing is tenfold!

Club Nights....
Bigger Than Barry The Raging Bull

Destination: Custard Factory Complex. Rainbow Warehouse etc, DIGBETH
Date: Saturday 29th May

Line-up: Ms Dynamite, Toddla T, Benga, Scarlot Harlots (local talent), Joker & many many more.

This is going to be absolutely MENTAL...dubstep, reggae, funky, electro, garage, hip hop you name it, they will play it!

Tickets are £17.00 + booking fee, get at me for more info!

Urban Rewind The Re-union

Destination: Penthouse, (Formerly Hidden) Birmingham

Date: Sunday 30th May

Line-up: 3Style, Bubbla (yeh yeh!), Carlos Aries, The Stoneheart Family, Marc Ryder (Y), Mr Play, Mi$match, Aycee and more.

The Definitive Old Skool Night Returns for the original party people!

Tickets are JUST £7.50 + booking fee...I have a few left, message me quick!

So that's it for the 2nd edition. I'm keeping it short and sweet. Hope you all enjoy!


Jess xx

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