Thursday, 8 April 2010

The Rabbit's Rabbit

Welcome one and all to the wonderful world of Jessica Rabbit for what is the first edition of 'The Rabbit's Rabbit'..... a delve into the world of ME! My fashion loves and loathes, urban entertainment gossip tid bits that i find particuarly interesting and general girly chit chat with the odd swear word chucked in for measure, well we can't be girly girls all the time!!!

Most of you reading this will know me (and love me ha) but for the odd few that don't here's a lil rundown:

I HEART: Shopping (duh), Starbuck's Chai Tea Lattes, Teedra Moses, Aaron, Breakfast At Tiffany's, Clubbing, Cocktails, Kill Bill, playing in the garden with my nephew, Cake, holidays.
I LOATHE: Bad manners, money (lack of), Uggs, chavs.

Fashion Full Stop:

Sock it to 'em!

I am currently LOVING the socks and shoes look, recently spotted from Chanel catwalk to one of my fave celeb's Rihanna....

Try if you dare, (although please bear in mind this is not a look for the over 27's). Under the knee socks and pop socks all count but the real fashionista's will go for the ankle socks, plain white, with frills or lacy....go for it!

Clogs are back....NO, really

Ok when Vogue says something's 'IN' you know it's the truth sister, and CLOGS, (yes the traditional Dutch fashion faux-pas has now turned into the footwear of choice for all fashionistas).
I spotted a beautiful pair with woven fabric and gorge embellishment online at Chanel. (see left) with the must have HUGE chunky wooden heel. Only downside is the price: £650 eek... well, don't worry because I also found another (very similar) pair at good old Toppers (aka my fave High Street shop) for not even a QUARTER, no, not even an EIGHTH of the price (just £68!! BARGAIN!!! White leather and the same chunky wooden heel...I shall be wearing mine with a skinny jeans so they don't make my ankles look too thin :-)

SCRABBLE IS SOooooooooooooo COOL!

Geek chic is a super-cool theme right NOW and the new trend for scrabble letter jewellery is bang on.
Pixie Lott has been spotted in long P and L necklaces and rings. I personally have a J letter necklace (a fiver off Ebay!). Apparently I'm worth 8 looks so cute though....and as I told my friend HP Sauce aka Welshie....I was the fucking first!!!! haha

Ri Ri aka Rude Girl - her best look yet!

How HOT does Rihanna look in her vid for 'Rudeboy' the Dancehall look is doin the damn thing!!!! I adore the patterns, prints and colours....(not to mention the bracelet made up of watches)The girl done good!!!!
It's Ghetto Fab at it's best. High waisted patterned leggings, crop tops, Huuuuge gold hoops, not to mention RiRi pulling off the bogle and butterfly to perfection! Granted, half of us mere mortals would look like complete chavs in this getup but I'm gona try!!!! (in a more toned down version) watch this space!!

The whole African look is massive. Queen Bey and Alicia Keys have a new song coming out, I saw a few shots from the vid and tribal prints are everywhere....very cool.

ASOS have a gorgeous African / Aztec print playsuit that will be perfect for Summer with some gladiator mate Biddy knows all about that :-)

The Countdown BEGINS........SATC 2

Carrie and Co are back, FINALLY! When the sequel drops in May, there will be worldwide, female hysteria no doubt in a bid to see the outfits, the shoes and of course the storylines (film and cast)! Marie Claire have previewed some of the film stills and it looks a-mazing....Carrie is back with a bang, Patricia Field is on point as always. It looks like serial maneater Samantha (my favourite character) is actually ready to get down the aisle if the shots I peeped are anything to go by?! Say it aint so Sam!!!

Upcoming Events.......

R&B fave's Next are coming to Penthouse, Birmingham on Saturday 1st May. They'll be regaling us with all their old hits: 'Wifey' 'Too Close' (No this was not originally sang by BLUE!) etc.

I have Earlybird tickets for sale at just £10 + Booking fee each...message me!

Go to for more info and to receive the newsletter with my insert on entertainment news and goss :-)

So that's the first edition done, I hope you like....come back soon!!!!

Jess x

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