Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Shyne caught in concert SCAM


So, Saturday night was SUPPOSED to be the concert of the YEAR...

Shyne had scheduled his album launch party concert in Belize and had officially announced that he would be bringing 2 huge US artists along with him to celebrate and perform....rumours spread that he could be joined by Jay Z, Busta or even Foxy.

Hundreds of thousands of tickets were sold and the hype was massive!

UNTIL...the day of the concert when the promoter DJ Richie sent out a release saying that Shyne had left the country for Israel in haste and that Richie's company had 'categorically dissassociated himself from the Shyne SCAM'...WOW

Shyne's label Gangland then released its own release...
"throughout the entire process, DJ Richie conducted himself in a highly unproffesional manner...he failed to meet payment deadlines even for Shyne's airfare." etc

Whilst Richie claims Shyne was paid $50,000...

POOR business on both parts I say.

I am looking forward to hearing Shyne's new album though I must say...

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